The estate - Terenzuola
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The estate


The core of our company’s philosophy is commitment to the landscape; we are only guardians of Nature and must act to preserve and respect the land with decision making in accordance with the season. We cultivate or cover crop according to the vigour of the vines, we manage with a focus on soil heath, we use sulphur and copper in response to the weather and we adapt canopy heights according to the natural shoot growth. To achieve this, we improved old vineyards and established new ones with traditional vine densities of 8,000 to 11,000 vines per hectare. We source the cuttings for new vineyards exclusively from our old vines (over 100 years old). Our yields are less than 1 kg/vine and we have achieved a vine balance that highlights the characteristics of the land. Organic fertilisers, green manure, low amounts of copper and the use of herbal teas based on horsetail and nettle, all contribute to make our vines the core of our production process.


Late harvests allow our fruit to achieve the perfect sugars, acidity and polyphenols maturity.  Long macerations, for both whites and reds, together with spontaneous fermentations are essential to preserve and express the identity of our “terroir”. In compliance with these principles, our winery was built on four levels with the idea to limit human intervention to the bare minimum. On the ground floor we receive the grapes and we ferment them in concrete tanks; the second houses our white tanks and no pumps are used; on the third we bottle and the fourth level is our barrel room.


Ligurian whites and Tuscan reds, this is how Terenzuola could be summed up. Terenzuola is now a 24 hectare organic farm with vineyards located between the Regions of Liguria and Tuscany, at altitudes between 50 and 450 meters above sea level. The production area starts in the Cinque Terre, extends through Luni and ends on the slopes of the Apuan Alps, close to the remarkable marble quarries of Carrara. This area, called Lunigiana, has over 5000 years of history and it has been cultivated with vines since Roman times.

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