Forma Alta - Terenzuola
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Forma Alta

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Costa Toscana

Varieties: Mainly black Vermentino and Massaretta with others local varieties.  Pre-phylloxera vineyards dating back to 1887.

Vineyards: On terraces with 11,000 vines/ha located in the Municipality of Carrara. The total planted area is about 4 hectares. The soils, with cover crops, are loamy-sandy with carbonates derived from the breakdown of shale and mica schist sandstone.

Training system: 100% manual management on Guyot. Treatments are carried with backpack sprayers and wheelbarrows. No chemicals are used.

Harvest: By hand, medium late, in boxes and aided in rare cases by funicular rails. The harvested grapes are transported to the cellar of Fosdinovo (MS), renouncing the DOC.

Vinification: Whole bunch fermentations for about 3 weeks in concrete vats. Aging of 2 years in cement for the black Vermentino and old Tonneaux for the Massaretta.

Bottling: Without stabilization or filtration

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